Tuesday, September 6, 2016

All There is to Know About Me at this Moment

 WHO I AM...

Horse Lover
Dog Lover

My roommate/better half
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Some of the "village"
Hey visitors! I'm Cody, a senior at Rhode Island College studying Youth Development. As if most of you didn't already know that, right? I would label this part of my life, "in flux". Truthfully, I haven't stopped. This summer, I moved in with my boyfriend, traveled to Cancun with some really great friends, spent some time in P-town on the Cape, and lived on the beach in the Outer Banks for two weeks with my family. I'm usually the one to say what everybody else is thinking...THANK YOU senior year is here! When I'm not competing for a parking spot on campus, I am working at the Home Depot, taking care of my family's horses, or finding a different way to decorate my living space.



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