Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Coauthoring a Youth's Development

Image result for writing a book    10 intriguing/new vocab words from Nakkula & Toshalis:
                                                         1. competing peer groups  (p1)
                                                         2. tangential discussions (p2)
                                                         3. increasingly lackluster performance (p3)
                                                         4. interpretation
                                                         5. multiauthored (p7)
                                                         6. litany of such questions (p8)
                                                         7. concerted effort (p9) 
                                                         8. reticent to take on challenging material (p12) 
                                                         9. commonly espoused belief (p13)
                                                         10.actualize (p15)

In keeping with the theme of Nakkula & Toshalis' writing, ten people I could list whom have coauthored my life story are named (1) Barbara (2) Patti (3) Gail (4) Joseph (5) Matt (6) Jamie (7) Zachary (8) Isaiah (9) Angie (10) Lauren. I kept the list to ten, even though I could go on and on including encounters, acquaintances, and continuing friendships! Looking back at this list, I chose Joseph to show and tell about how he has his hand in my story. Joseph was picked to demonstrate the missing presence of a component in a story can have a profound impact in the way the rest of the story reads. Joe was supposed to be a father figure in my life story, and decided to deny me as his legitimate offspring and succumb to his mental illness and brain damage as a result of an accident he had. I actively sought him out a few years ago and was very disappointed with what I found. Some things should be left alone and hidden away, but I could not let that be one of those things, because I also needed to confront my unrealistic superhero father role model vision in my head after that experience. Positives which came from that chapter are the drive and motivation to be a present, involved and better parent and my own self-discovery in expectations.


  1. Hi Cody,
    I can relate to the vocabulary words that you chose. Also It is interesting that you went back to find Joe and unfortunately he succumb to his illness. It's is lost for deny the privilege of claiming you.

  2. Hey Cody!
    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your personal story with the class. I wrote about "my father" too. I understand our situation is different, but I can agree I would want to be a "better parent."

  3. Hey Cody,
    Thank you for sharing and posting about those 10 people that coauthored in your life, this was a well thought out post. Thank you for sharing

  4. Thank you for sharing about your Dad Cody. I find it is often hard to face the difference between the person you want/hope someone can be and what the ultimately want for themselves. I have dealt with this in my life with a few family members, but once I was able to accept them for what they are it made it easier to deal with and continue the relationship or to move on and leave them behind.