Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Taking Inventory on Myself

Image result for horoscope signsThis week's inventory task made me feel like I changed my own perspective on youth work since the last time I took the quiz as a written sort of thing in the Spring. What I learned in relation with how I am around other people including friends which I believe could have been taken after family members is I feel like I need to be there for the youth that need a tour guide. I was going to go with the word fixing but I didn't find that appropriate. Learning I am aligned with Risk, Resiliency, and Prevention, I would be focused on decreasing rates of teen pregnancy, school failures, and gang violence. Those are just some of the things that youth are at risk for.
                                                          To me, the result of this inventory horoscope activity makes sense because I am the friend that tries to look for ways and words in which I can inspire change in particular friends who might be going through something all the time. They just don't know how to think about their life situation differently. For at risk youth, I think this starts with creating a safe space. Interestingly enough, my Toolbox will be around how to foster a safe space for my youth group that I might be working with. Cutting back on pregnancy rates, violence, and substance abuse amongst teens is not something that is going to happen overnight. I am pretty sure that is why there is a whole core value system and philosophy which youth workers may fall under to practice towards.


  1. I love how you used to word tour guide. It shows how much you want to show them as the go through life and will be there to help along the way. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Risk and resiliency is very important! It's not something I could focus on, but we need people like you cody!! Great job xo

  3. I agree your use of being a tour guide is a great visual for how we as youth workers must guide them through life giving them information that may cause them to want to learn more, great job Cody :)

  4. I agree that reducing teen pregnancy, violence and substance abuse is not going to happen over night, but you are already making a difference by wanting to reduce those issues. I always enjoy reading your posts!